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Baldwin Whitehall Youth Wrestling Association

About Us

Baldwin Whitehall Youth Wrestling Association is the booster program for youth wrestling through High School in our district.  The fundraising we do provides the funds necessary to buy equipment and provide additional wrestling opportunities for all levels of wrestling throughout the district.

Baldwin Whitehall Youth Wrestling is part of the Keystone Wrestling League.  We compete against approximately 40 different schools at six different locations.  The first match is typically the first weekend of December and we will let everyone know where; however, there will be approximately 6 to 9 schools present so the matchups will be great.  Your wrestler will be given two matches, the wrestlers are matched up with an opponent the same age, weight, experience level, and skill level.  The Keystone League uses a system called the Star Rating, first year wrestlers are 0 star, second year and/or average wrestlers are 1 star, above average wrestlers for their years experience are 2 stars, Keystone 1st and 2nd place finishers are 3 stars, Area Qualifiers and Keystone League Tournament of Champions 1st and 2nd place winners are 4 stars and PA State Place Finishers (1st-8th) are 5 stars.  We use this system to ensure that your first year wrestler does not get paired against a PA State Place Finisher.

Who can be a wrestler? 
All students (boys & girls) who are in grades 1-6 and live within the Baldwin-Whitehall School District (or a neighboring district that does not have a wrestling program).  We are starting a new program called BW Little Highlanders that is geared toward first year wrestlers ages 5 &6, See the BW Little Highlander Wrestling tab at the top of the page.  Wrestling is a relatively safe contact sport and is excellent for children of all shapes and sizes; however, due its physical nature it may not be suitable for all children.


When and where are practices held?  Monday's and Wednesdays 


What level of participation is available?  The BWYWA is a member of the Keystone Wrestling League.  The League schedules six (6) weekly events where all wrestlers are GUARANTEED two (2) matches versus opponents of similar size, with similar skills and experience levels.  A Keystone Championship tournament is available at the end of the season in four age groups.  Additional tournaments are available throughout the season, including the Area VII qualifier to the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Championships.


What equipment is needed?  All wrestlers are required to wear wrestling shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt for practice.  Headgear (ear protection) and a singlet are required for matches.  A competition singlet will be provided by the BWYWA.


How much does it cost to participate?  The registration fee is $100 for the entire season which includes a team t-shirt, entry into all Keystone events.  A $100 singlet deposit check (postdated 3/16/24) is required at registration.  A $100 volunteer retainer check (postdated 3/16/24 is required at registration. The singlet deposit is refunded when the singlet is returned at the end of the season and the volunteer retainer is returned when the family has met the minimum 2 hours of volunteer service at matches and/or events.   All returned checks will be accessed a $35 NSF fee by the BWYWA.